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I love to decorate my room walls. Every little stupid things is on them.
  1. Giant post of Pulp Fiction
Some songs makes me feel like there's someone watching me living my life and making music about it.
  1. Dear John - Taylor Swift
    I feel ya, Tay.
  2. In your atmosphere - John Mayer
    totally kills me. And btw please (dear) John, record it in studio.
  3. Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day
    I've had a turbulent adolescence.
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Just things happening in my mind in aphorisms.
  1. Why always me?
  2. Maybe this time is gonna work.
    Actually never happened.
  3. I want a huge pizza.
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Maybe that's cause im a singer and it just happens. But after several times - and several omfg why the hell did i do this - i realized there's a line. Between them. Between me and them.
  1. They all get so into the "im a singer" thing.
  2. Then reveal themselves ego referred.
    Tragically. Sometimes beautifully. But still a problem.
  3. Always get to make you feel like you're the only one singing girl in the world.
    Usually looking at you with wondering eyes.
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