Pets I Have Loved

  1. All of them.
  2. Seriously.
  3. Why get pets if you don't plan on loving them?
  4. Do you not have a soul?!
  5. If I had to list them in no particular order, it would look like this..
  6. Oscar
    First family dog. A greyhound!
  7. Smudge
    First kitten
  8. Taco
    Chihuahua, happy grunts are still the text tone on my phone.
  9. Ruby
    Taco's sweet sister
  10. Lori
    Wonderful family cat.
  11. Persnickety
    Cat we saved from frostbite
  12. Sox
    Ethan's first cat. Peed on stuff a lot... Only really liked josh... I did learn to IV cats when she went through renal failure... She grew to like me.
  13. Jodi
    The O.G. Cat mama. She was a fighter through the end.
  14. Gremlin
    Jodi's daughter. First cat I saw devour pumpkin purée
  15. Frieda
    Chihuahua that looks like a loaf of bread with legs
  16. Little dude
    King of the castle. Second family dog. Original chihuahua
  17. Rory
    Chihuahua with bad eyes
  18. Lorelei
    Chihuahua with Alopecia
  19. Binx
    Thinks she's invisible cat and then yells at you.
  20. Pyewacket
    Terrified of a cat who doesn't know her own strength.
  21. Chip
    First adult cat. Skittish Maine coon, slow to love but sleeps next to me every night.
  22. Harrison
    Just wants to be pet and lick your shirt.. And also pukes a lot