0. the womb
  1. the crib
  2. the bottle
  3. my home, during business hours
  4. the weekly play that is only for good students who learn how to tie their shoes
  5. my preschool
  6. more than one karate class
  7. the home of a friend whose father is a prominent scientologist
  8. after school magic club
  9. the phone line at my grandparents house that did the internet but also the actual phone, at least 50 god damn times while i was trying to look up an Oregon trail strategy guide
  10. Several AOL chat rooms
  11. colonial Williamsburg, because 9/11 happened the second day of our class trip and they told us about it, every one of us in little colonial outfits, outside a Burger King called Ye Olde Burger and then we went back to Los Angeles on a bus
  12. the cool place to hang out at recess behind the Spanish trailer
  13. japanese class, chapel, live journal (several times)
  14. livejournal (several more times)
  15. wikipedia, my first band. the life of my first girlfriend
  16. junior statesman of america, the class environmental retreat, the cool place to hang out at lunch period behind the gym
  17. school radio, debate league (participating), los angeles (temporarily)
  18. los angeles (permanently), the lives of several more women
  19. debate league (judging), the university of chicago student newspaper
  20. several other student publications, german class, the objectivist club (i was taking the free pizza and leaving and calling it rational self interest)
  21. ha ha ha ha, oh god, but mainly Atlanta, in August of that year
  22. the south side, ha ha ha, oh god, but more permanently, in August of that year
  23. my first adult apartment, my first magazine job, a few facebook groups
  24. a few more lives, a few more online circles, another magazine, my sense that i could anticipate catastrophe, that i could not become suddenly ill, or suddenly injured, that a plane could not fall out of the sky
  25. chicago, so far.