1. no
  2. nope
  3. no way
  4. not this one
  5. come on son
  6. really?
  7. you expect this won't be at least ten?
  8. or even more than that?
  9. obviously not "9"
  10. could b---NOPE
  11. negative
  12. no dice
  13. nada
  14. still waiting
  15. but hey while we are here together
  16. waiting
  17. can we discuss how no service in the world is less reliable than a moving company? they've quite literally got you by everything you hold dear in the world and they know it
  18. so what power do you have when they're late, when they wildly exceed their estimate at the point of payment, when they don't respond to voice mail asking when you might expect your clothes and books and furniture and seven years of notebooks
  19. because like, an air mattress even a nice air mattress is a bummer after a while. so is figuring out what to wear to work five days a week with the four shirts and three pairs of pants to packed in a suitcase
  20. and these companies offer you the world when you call. Pick up this day? No problem. Deliver that day? We'll do it on the dot -- and hey here's a discount
  21. but after that: nothing. sometimes someone answers the phone and says they just can't get a hold of dispatch right now but we'll call you back this afternoon and if we don't try back tomorrow! rinse repeat every day for weeks. you start to wonder if you even need that stuff the thousands of dollars of books and coats and a desk you've had for years
  22. because maybe it's gone. and as they start to get annoyed with your calls, well, maybe it wasn't gone but it is now. they already have most of the money they wanted anyway. you just have no leverage against these people, no power, no recourse. maybe you can complain after you get your stud finally but you really think people hadn't before?
  23. i guess my point is never use USA Moving Group
  24. nope