so consider that
  1. when I was 13 years old & already owned the music videos DVD and also a zero t-shirt i stood in line and got billy CORGAN poetry book called BLINKING WITH FISTS (you have now read the best poetry in book tbh) signed by BILLY CORGAN in a Barnes & noble in Los Angeles and then later that night the red sox won the world series for the first time
  2. when I was 14 years old I was at BILLY CORGAN solo tour not smashing pumpkins SOLO TOUR not zwan SOLO TOUR for hit not hit album THEFUTUREEMBRACE (one word) and got dumped for the first time and cried in the bathroom
  3. when I was 21 years old I saw billy corgan standing under the blue line stop on damen ave no joke
  4. when i was 24 years old i took a train to a north suburb of Chicago and stood in cold line for an hour with a recent ex at BILLY KROGAN tea shop to go inside and then watch B-LILL CORMAN play weird noise music with a fat stack of analogue synths under bad BBC audio book of Siddartha and he was wearing mom jeans and they were too small
  5. basically what I am asking you to consider is that i have crossed paths with BILLBILL Coorifab more times than most people have done that but also baseball and love is important