Insomnia is a fickle bitch and I've mastered the trade
  1. Pee
    I have an overactive bladder
  2. Try and make my cat cuddle with me
    Sometimes it works.
  3. Resist looking at my phone and instead stare at the ceiling
  4. Look at my phone.
  5. First, Snapchat for the stories I may have missed from falling asleep early and inevitably waking up three hours later
    No sound. CJ sleeps soundly next to me. Sometimes snores.
  6. Next up: Instagram
    Not only my feed, but an embarrassing amount of time on the "Explore" page. I ask myself, "have I met you before?"
  7. Third is Twitter.
    Not many friends to follow on this social media platform, but I pride myself on being "in the know" with what's going on in the world. Via. Twitter. LET ME LIVE.
  8. Pet my cat.
  9. Pee again.
  10. Look at the LISTAPP because I still am not tired. Internally decide: HEY I COULD DO THAT!
  11. Tell CJ to turn over since he's snoring and it's bugging me.
    Even though I'm already awake and it's not really disrupting anyone or anything.
  12. Write this list.
  13. Check the clock and realize it's 5am so I can get up now to go teach a yoga class cracked out after being up for 4 hours.
    Briefly realize that I am in fact not the ideal guide to a healthy mind, body, and zen approach to living life.
  14. Rip Breathe Right nose strip off.