I have opinions
  1. Wednesday
    Not sure why but everything just feels okay on Wednesdays and the worst part of the week is over and idk Wednesdays rock
  2. Friday
    The week is over and it's a weekday so you have an excuse to relax and not go out
  3. Tuesday and Thursday
    Don't have strong feelings on either, they're basically the same, and non remarkable for me
  4. Saturday
    It's a weekend day but you're expected to do fun things and I hate feeling like I actually have to enjoy myself because then I feel stressed about not having fun and that's not fun at all
  5. Monday
    At least the week is started and I'm moving toward the best parts
  6. Sunday
    It's a day that's just the precursor to Monday and it's just filled with that feeling of mounting stress that the week is about to happen and I can't relax appropriately