Favorite Characters From Favorite TV Shows

I love tv and I am attached to these fictional beings
  1. Ross Geller- Friends
    I love Ross so much he's just weird and kind of the worst just like me and I can't even explain my affection for him properly
  2. Ben Wyatt- Parks and Recreation
    Honestly I love every character on this show, Ben is just my number one. He is so real and so dry and everything I aspire to be. Also he's my ideal partner. I want a Ben Wyatt.
  3. Andy Bernard- The Office
    He started out being really annoying, then he got really funny and great, then he got annoying again. But the Sweeney Todd episode definitely cemented my adoration.
  4. George Michael Bluth- Arrested Development
    It's Michael Cera and he's my hero in every role I've ever seen him in. This is yet another show in which I love the entire cast.
  5. Ted Mosby- How I Met Your Mother
    I AM Ted Mosby in real life and have been told so by too many people to count and he's so unapologetic about who he is and I love that about him
  6. Linda Belcher- Bob's Burgers
    She sings randomly and just has the greatest lines and is so honest plus I love her relationship with Bob and with the kids
  7. Tate Langdon- American Horror Story: Murder House
    Tate is such a deep and multi dimensional character and I'm drawn to him which is scary because he's a sociopath but he's also so conflicted and vulnerable
  8. Schmidt- New Girl
    Again, I love every single character on this show for different reasons but Schmidt makes me laugh without fail every episode and he's just a delight