1. Every morning on my way to work I buy a coffee from you.
  2. You have been there for every early morning, every road trip and every coffee date.
  3. Recently I have been thinking about all of those coffee cups that I use..
    I mean I go at least 5 times a week so that is a lot of waste.
  4. I noticed that some locations have a special disposal for "paper products" this includes the coffee cups. It made me feel a bit better knowing that they would be recycled.
  5. Until I found out that they aren't actually recycled.
  6. You have lied to us. You say that you have special contracts with recycling plants to get the cups recycled but the truth is most of them go right to the landfill.
  7. Also, the cups can not be recycled by most municipalities and those cups are diverted to the landfill.
  8. I know you allow people to bring their own mugs to get filled but really this is not advertised anywhere. I heard of it from a friend that does it all the time.
  9. It turns out that even if I was to bring my own mug it doesn't matter anyways. The coffee is prepared in a disposable cup prior to being poured into the mug.
  10. I understand that there are ceramic mugs available if you do not need your coffee "to go" but I have never been offered one. I am sure that most people do not know that these exist.
  11. Compostable cups are available. I know they cost more but I think people would be willing to pay a little extra when they know how much waste they are preventing from filling the landfills- I know I would.
  12. You are a Canadian icon and I would hope that you could take a few simple steps to lower your environmental impact.
  13. Lying is not the way to do it.
  14. Thank you for reading,
  15. -Emma