Not to be confused with Repo Men. This is one of my favourite movies and I definitely have the soundtrack on my phone.. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.
  1. The music
    With names like "Infected" and "Legal Assassin" how could you not like the music? But seriously the music gives you key info about the plot line and is very well done.
  2. Set in the near future
    Really if you think about it this could totally happen. Everyone's organs start failing so a company called GeneCo creates organ financing and saves the world! If you can't afford the payments then the Repo Man comes 😳. People become addicted to surgery and a new drug culture emerges.
  3. The story
    In the midst of all the drugs, surgery and death a young girl who is afflicted with a blood disease is trying to find her way in the world and find out more about her family's past. Tons of twists and turns through the entire movie!
  4. Paris Hilton
    Is randomly in the movie and **spoiler alert** her face may or may not fall off.
  5. Joan Jett makes an appearance
    That's pretty fantastic