A small part of my job is grooming dogs. I honestly hate doing it. It's super stressful and I always feel sick to my stomach with worry that they are going to hate it. But I'm way too nice and always get suckered into it. 😒
  1. "I want him short but not short. "
    Yep I'll get right to that. Reading your mind is my specialty.
  2. When they send me a picture of what they want their dog to look like.
    I'm good but not turn your Doodle into a Dachshund good.
  3. "I want her ears to be even"
    I was planning on making them super uneven and choppy though....
  4. "I don't want him to have a bubble butt"
    My personal favourite.
  5. Also if you want your dog to stay long please brush them... I am not a miracle worker and I'm not going to put them through the excruciating pain to brush all the matts out.
  6. That is my rant for the day 😊