I am not too good for it or anything like that. I have never had Facebook and here are the reasons why:
  1. Wasn't allowed
    Growing up my mom had a massive hate on for Facebook and thought that anyone who had it under the age of 18 was definitely going to get abducted or killed- or both...
  2. Not enough friends
    By the time I was allowed to have Facebook I was old enough to realize that there are only a few people that I give enough of a shit about to be friends with on there. Not having them on Facebook forces me to keep in touch with them in a more personal way and forces me to make time for the people I care about.
  3. Pictures
    I am not a fan of pictures. I never got on the selfie bandwagon and I am horrible at smiling on cue! It always looks fake and forced. When the camera comes out I hide- not because I think I am ugly but because I always look goofy! I love looking at other people's pictures though... That brings me to my next point
  4. Pressure
    So much pressure for your profile to be awesome and look like you are an interesting/ accomplished person!
  5. Addictive
    I have a very addictive personality and I know I would spend way too much time stalking people! Yes- I am that creepy person who liked your picture from 2 years ago ;)