I'm back home from the UK and it's a Swedish national holiday today, but I'm not feeling particularly festive.
  1. Basically
  2. 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU yesterday and it's a truly historic moment. Historic in the sense that it was a fucking stupid thing to do
  3. Britain voted to leave despite basically every reputable economist, business leader, politician, prime minister and president and IGO cautioning against it
  4. The pound is down to 1985 levels
  5. Major banks like Lloyds and Bank of Scotland were down 30%
  6. It's even felt abroad, as Deutsche Bank opened 17% down
  7. The EU has protected workers rights, human rights (you know, that document the UK doesn't want to sign), and women's rights such as guaranteeing 14 weeks of maternity leave
  8. And yet, leavers are celebrating "Independence Day"
    Because comparing this to say, a country escaping colonialism and oppression isn't a problem at all.
  9. Personally, as a EU citizen, I'm not thrilled to have my future studying and working in the EU jeopardized and my tuition fees raised
  10. David Cameron has vowed to leave office as a result
    Because weakening leadership and opening up for increased influence from even further right is a great idea
  11. North Ireland and Scotland voted to remain - all districts in Scotland voted to remain - further showing the cracks in the union between England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland.
    Another independence referendum in Scotland soon?
  12. Far-right euroskeptic party UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party - has achieved their first goal, meaning that they can move on to other, more radical goals
    Strengthening far right parties sounds like a great idea - that's never gone awry before!
  13. One of the main arguments of the leave campaign was that the £350 million (misleading and inaccurate figure btw) spent on the EU each week would be spent on the NHS instead - but Nigel Farage went on tv less than hours after the result to say that no one could in any way guarantee that this is how the money would be spent
    Anyone with a brain could have spotted this from a mile away. Tories have built their politics on dismantling the NHS and privatizing public services, why would this change overnight.
  14. The referendum was framed as a question of nationalism and identity, and logic and facts have a hard time arguing with these kinds of feelings
  15. Populism and nationalism won
  16. It's a sad day for the UK and a sad day for Europe