I've had the list app for months, silently reading and enjoying everyone else's lists and never making one of my own. But since a lot of people have been making these I thought this was a good place to start.
  1. Hi, my name is Emma!
  2. Apparently I was named Emma after a baby on the late 80s ABC soap Thirtysomething.
    My middle name is my mom's as a compromise because my dad wanted to give me the same first name. For obvious reasons, having two people in a household with the exact same first + last name didn't fly, so Emma it is.
  3. I'm from Sweden
    Not Switzerland (you'd be surprised how often it happens), so I know nothing about fancy cheeses, watches or chocolates. Am only slightly more confident in my knowledge of moose, lingonberries and ABBA (both the band and the brand of pickled herring).
  4. But I moved to England last fall to go to university
    It's a weird place, perhaps list material for later? I've learned how to do laundry, write essays on questions I feel extremely unqualified to answer, and most importantly, how to not be sick in post-night out 9AMs at least some of the time.
  5. If this was MTV's Next my bio would probably say "20 years YOUNG, has puked at every theme park she's visited, entrepreneur"
    On second thought, the female version of the last one might be "FUNemployed"
  6. Anyway, nice to meet you! 💕✨