This is gross. Then again, I am gross.
  1. "All right, we need some new products to convince women that their natural bodies are in fact unnatural and disgusting, any ideas?"
  2. "Yeah, how about sanitary pads... except scented?"
  3. "So we're basically just adding an irritant to an already functional product? GREAT idea, Todd, that's the kind of initiative I'm looking for!
  4. "So we're thinking a light scent, fresh and clean?"
  5. "Nope. I thought we'd go with a heavy fake rose smell. Nothing to in any way mask the blood, just competing with it, adding another layer of decay"
  6. "Okay I get it, like someone got stabbed to death in a botanical garden"
  7. "Yep"
  8. "And then got dumped into an elderly woman's compost heap?"
  9. "You got it. And one more thing, how about we put the scent information nowhere on the box and make it a fun game of Russian roulette for customers?"
  10. "BRILLIANT, Todd. Let's talk about this further over golf this Saturday"
  11. Giphy