Inspired by @jetfuelliz. I'm so hungry right now. Not what I realistically eat the most but what I would ideally stuff my face with on the daily.
  1. Grilled chicken with rice and broccoli
    Probably the most practical thing on this list. Also something I eat probably multiple times a week. Always works.
  2. Thai food - especially chicken satay with peanut sauce
    I can't comment on how representative it is of authentic Thai cuisine but Thai food is my absolute favorite, and chicken satay reigns supreme. That slightly curry-flavored marinade with the fluffy jasmine rice? Perfect. And I could literally drink peanut sauce by the pint.
  3. Potatoes au gratin
    Potatoes are actually the real MVP. Delicious in every way, but this one is fool-proof. Cheese is unnecessary and anyone who tells you to add onions is a quack. Just potatoes, lots of garlic, cream, salt & pepper. I live for this 🙌🏻
  4. Grilled steak
    Does it make me more aware than usual that I'm eating a dead animal? Yes. But it's still delicious.
  5. Sandwiches
    You can put anything on some bread and it's a sandwich. Ideal food. Specifically, the kind I used to eat when I was growing up. With the right bread, paper thin deli ham and Swedish cheese. It makes my heart happy. In a pinch, seeded bread with cheese and cucumber will do fine.
  6. Salmon
    I could actually eat my body weight in this. If no one stops me I will eat a scary amount. It's probably my favorite food.
  7. Fish sticks
    Always keep these in the freezer if I don't have the ingredients/time to cook. I don't know why I love them so much but they're delicious and underrated.
  8. Pasta bolognese
    Tastes like childhood and trips to Italy.
  9. Pick n mix candy
    The best kind of candy. Would be satisfied to have this in place of anything sweet for the rest of my life.
  10. Sweet potato
    I like to bake them in wedges and eat with barbecue sauce when I can't be bothered to cook. So good. Such a versatile food.
  11. Bananas
    Nature's most perfect snack
  12. Birthday cake
    An exception to my point on pick n mix. I would just feel sad and unloved if I never got to eat birthday cake someone made for me.