Inspired by @Jenelle, and obviously @dad3, whose idea it was in the first place. If I could only have one in each category for the rest of my life, this is what I'd keep. I definitely explained all of these for too long, but this is a great list idea!
  1. Movie
    It would definitely be a comedy. There are so many that I love to pieces and could watch a million times over, but Grease has stood the test of time. I love musicals and cheesy comedies so this is a great fit. The songs, costumes, everything!
  2. Book
    This is hard, I can't pick out one that I have a deep attachment too, except the Harry Potter books which I've read a million times and absolutely love, though I think if I had to choose only one, maybe A Tale of Two Cities. Endlessly entertaining and suspenseful, love the cast of characters.
  3. Food
    BREAD. I'm going to cheat and assume some degree of flexibility here. There are a million types of bread, and endless combination of toppings. Sandwiches for dayzz, literally. You know how in Anything You Can Do they sing "I can live on bread and cheese"? Not an accomplishment Frank, that sounds frickin amazing, everyone could.
  4. Album
    This is hard because I love a million different genres and I'm playlists > albums any day, but I'm being strategic here and choosing Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love. It's a great album, but it also has more meaning to me than most albums I love. Among other things it reminds me of my childhood and my family, and if I can only listen to one album, this one has a song I'd like to dance to at my wedding. If I had to get a tattoo, it would be of lyrics from this album.
  5. Tv show
    Friends. One of my favorite shows, and the one people probably most associate me with. I've seen every season definitely 7+ times now, and I still enjoy it. I've basically tried this out already because for a period of like 3 years I would watch my DVDs every day before and after school and once I was done with season 10 I'd just start over again.
  6. Outfit
    Pajamas. I basically live in them anyway, whenever I don't have to leave the house. My roommate of 9 months recently told me she barely recognized me in jeans.
  7. Car
    2 years on and I still haven't actually gotten my license, but a Ford Focus. It's the car my mom, dad and grandma all have (seriously, did they have a meeting and plan this out in advance) so I've driven it a lot. I know it better than any other car, plus my dad would know how to fix anything that broke. Roomy, works fine day-to-day, and has survived dogs, car wash accidents and multiple cross country trips a year.
  8. Piece of art
    La Primavera by Botticelli. I don't know art, but I saw it at the uffizi and it's so captivating. Also loved the Calumny of Apelles.