If I were a celebrity, these would be the things I would either endorse or that would be integral parts of my persona. The đŸ”‘ to success if you will, aka my green apples, dove soap and cocoa butter.
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    Diet Pepsi
    I'm not addicted to nicotine or coffee or heroin, but Diet Pepsi? Approx. 3.6% of my blood is probably Diet Pepsi at this point. I have to be careful about keeping it in my house because if left to my own devices I could definitely finish a 67fl oz bottle daily.
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    Cold sore cream
    For the past year or so I think there's been something funky with my immune system because while I've always been prone to them, I had a 10-week continuous outbreak last fall. Always have some on hand. Recently bought some because I wasn't sure if I had any, turns out I now have 6.
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    Smirnoff red
    I know it's not Good Vodka but I'm a college student, not a Miami rapper, so. Trying to drink supermarket own-brand vodka straight is a torturous exercise, so I stockpile this like a suburban mom when it's on sale.
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    If I'm in the house I'm never not in pj bottoms and a huge t-shirt, if I leave the house I wear leggings/sweatpants 70%. I was recently told by a roommate of 9 months "I don't think I've seen you in jeans....... Ever".
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    Paired with a fresh manicure, always
    I don't think anyone else associates this with me, but to me it's important. I /personally/ don't feel put together or confident when I don't like my nails. I like to believe pairing painted nails and a full face of makeup with my sweats makes people believe I'm just cool and on that athleisure vibe but probably not. I can't pull it off like Kylie Jenner, RIP.
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    Spotify playlists
    I am a playlist person. I need playlists for every season, mood, daily activity and special event. Featuring titles like "Musicals", "favorite country", "homesick", "80s jams", "radio Disney realness"
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    Encyclopedic knowledge of TV
    Most definitely not by Internet standards, but enough that I am often defined in social situations as the one whose brain is 90% sitcom episodes.
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    This officially doesn't even make sense as a brand anymore it's just personal characteristics but whatever. The one who always has tissues, water, pens, 3 packs of gum, hand sanitizer etc on my person. If only I had a gun I would be set for any post-apocalyptic scenario.