Who run the world? Actually my dream group of girl friends is any group of women, but specifically... Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. Gina Rodriguez
    So talented and beautiful and inspiring. She seems so wise and genuine. She could teach me to box and we could talk about the value of diversity and female friendship.
  2. Jennifer Lopez
    She could teach me all about motherhood and love and absolutely killing it career wise. I'd want her to leak her skincare routine and workout with me. Probably the most beautiful woman on the planet. Seems gracious and grounded.
  3. Rihanna
    Riri is the coolest person on earth, I'd want some of that to rub off on me. We'd have really great hangouts and just chill.
  4. Zendaya
    Only 19 but so smart and educated, and just overall seems really great. I'd join her in listening to music in the car and dancing, and then we'd go get our nails done.
  5. Linda Belcher
    Fictional and a cartoon but the funniest and my soulmate. Would always be up for wine and spicing up the everyday, ALL RIIIIIGHT.
  6. Melissa McCarthy
    Painfully hilarious. I feel like she'd always be game.
  7. Michelle Obama
    Scary smart, immensely successful and seemingly endlessly wise. I just want to be near her and soak up anything and everything she could tell me. I think she'd give great advice. And who's gonna deny a table at brunch to the First Lady?
  8. Dwayne Johnson
    Not a girl but I'll make an exception. The kind of positive influence I need in my life.