This is corny, but I really like! There's probably more that I'm not thinking of at the moment.
  1. The mix of list topics
    I've read lists about deaths in the family and period stories, and made lists about rape culture and favorite food. There are humor listers and people sharing lists about activism. I never know what lists to expect when I open the app!!
  2. The variety of people
    On Twitter or tumblr I feel like I come across a similar demographic of people all the time, whereas here I am exposed to the content of people of all ages, genders, ethnicity, backgrounds etc. I love when someone I wouldn't otherwise have interacted with follows me or comments on my post, or I find theirs. The diversity of the user base is what makes it fun!
  3. Unlike some other platforms which put a premium on brevity (Twitter, snapchat etc), allows for a variety in content length
    I like to talk a lot. No man and no 140 characters can contain me.
  4. The way the app works encourages new users and content
    Perhaps not perfectly, but still. I never really got into Twitter, and I feel like there's a bit of a learning curve in the sense that starting is kind of a shout into the void - who's gonna see my tweet? Or follow me? In my opinion, the relisting and trending system makes it easier to discover new content and people. And people seem to be more open to exploring new listers' lists!
  5. There is more insight to people's lives and opinions and thoughts
    Related to the length thing. Also, we're just more likely to talk about these things. Sometimes following someone doesn't mean you get to know them, but on you might read about the day they had, or something they're struggling with, or a list of their favorite childhood movies. Not just a cute pic on insta or a relatable retweet (not that here isn't a place for that too on social media)
  6. There is actual original content
    And there definitely is great original content on fb/ig/twitter/Reddit/tumblr/whatever!!! But I sometimes also see the same reposted meme on every single social media outlet, sometimes it's refreshing to have something else in my feed