People I'd probably take a bullet for/would let help me birth my child on an airplane/would trust with my life and my secrets
  1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    I want him to adopt me. I know he doesn't know me, but I trust and love him unconditionally. He honesty just seems like such a pure human being.
  2. Liam Hemsworth
    Rescues dogs, is a vegan, seems all-around great. I used to basically be in love with him (still probably am) and watched every interview he ever did for a period of like 2 and a half years, and in every one he seems kind and trustworthy.
  3. Michelle Obama
    So intelligent and graceful. I feel like if I spent time with her she would encourage me to reach all of my goals and be the best person I could be.
  4. Gina Rodriguez
    Funny and talented and beautiful. But also so wise and inspirational. Talks a lot about believing in yourself, beauty standards and loving being in your own skin, helping others, breaking boundaries especially for POC and women, and it always feels genuine.
  5. Chris Evans
    I know he's a successful actor who makes millions, but I just wanna protect him. Seems like a kind soul.
  6. Terry Crews
    Partly because of giant teddy bear sgt Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn Nine Nine, but also because he just seems like a wise, warm and friendly guy.
  7. Channing Tatum
    I think his mind is a very happy place. That Sony email brought us so much joy, and him and his wife seem so cute.
  8. Honorable mentions
    Leslie Mann (don't know why, maybe it's her voice? She feels very trustworthy), Sandra Bullock (don't know why but I just do), Mario Lopez (just has a very kind and trustworthy face, I have a hard time believing he'd hurt me or any other human or animal)