I stopped reading your list the second you said wearing leggings as pants means you can't take me seriously. I really thought the "leggings as pants" debate died in 2013 but here we go.
  1. Because a good quality pair of leggings really won't show through anything other clothing wouldn't
    All leggings aren't created equal, a flimsy Walmart children's leotard is not representative of the diversity of leggings out there #notallleggings
  2. Because they make your butt look 💯👌🏻
    I tried Instagram searching "leggings butt" but found only accounts verging on porn. This is just a fact.
  3. Yes, they show the shape of your legs more than a normal pair of pants - but seriously, do you not know what a pair of female (or male) legs look like?
    What did you think I have under there?
  4. Because they're the most comfortable pants you could wear
    Wouldn't you want to feel like you're in PJs every day? Yes you would. Stop being bitter in your stiff-ass jeans.
  5. Because with most tops you're covering up your hoo-ha anyway
    Unless you're on the floor beneath me trying real hard to find it in which case you're creepy as hell
  6. Because isn't the definition of pants something with two leg holes to cover your bottom half to keep from Donald Ducking everybody with your nethers?
    In that case - leggings = pants, and the best kind at that.
  7. Because they go with anything
    Like a pair of black jeans except superior in every way
  8. Cheap + easy to clean, maintain and organize = win
    Like a t-shirt
  9. Because they stretch out to accommodate that burrito bowl you just had
    Thanks leggings, food babies all around the world salute you.
  10. With leggings you will never encounter the moment of trying to button them and realize you've gained weight and they don't fit
    So you can live in denial for a little longer
  11. Because they offer better freedom of movement for all your activities
    Climbing, dancing, karate kicking anyone who questions my lifestyle choice
  12. Because if I have to watch men scratching their scrotum and manspreading on public transport Every. Single. Day. you can handle me wearing pants with a slightly tighter fit
  13. From now on, every time someone tells me I should wear "real pants" I'm changing into an even shorter top. I don't need this kind of negativity in my life 😊✨
  14. Basically, all bow down to the almighty legging, rightful ruler of all bottoms 🙏🏻💜🙌🏻🎉