I tend to delete them for space, but these have for whatever reason survived
  1. I have no fucking idea. I think there was a time when me and a friend would just send weird photos of Charlie sheen back and forth??
  2. Someone sent me this with no explanation but I love it, so I kept it. Waiting for the perfect moment to use it.
  3. One of my old roommates would always share this stuff on facebook. I don't k ow why I find this funny.
  4. Had to lay down the law in the group chat
  5. Think I sent this to my roommate when we were getting ready in different rooms. Still a jam tbh
  6. I feel shocked, betrayed and shaken to my core 🇸🇪
  7. A photo of a folder I had when I was like 15 of pictures of Liam hemsworth
    I wish the fact that it was a tumblr trend at the time could justify it
  8. Dark times. I had £25 to last me the last week of the semester
    I split a £2 purchase in whsmith between card and coins
  9. 1D appreciation night
    Lazy version of a screen shot aka taking a picture of your laptop. They had the audacity to do this the day after I left for home
  10. My grandma discovering snapchat filters
  11. #studentlife
  12. My friend who's applying to go to Montreal for his year abroad didn't know what poutine was. I don't know why I've kept this.
  13. Someone who thought letting a woman play Bond was absurd. Because having breasts ruins the character, apparently 🙄
  14. A bachelorette snapchat. Rip Brandon
  15. A random guy who friend requested me. Apparently he is Jack and Rose from Titanic.
  16. From Dwayne johnsons snapchat - too much goodness in this photo to pass up
  17. Sent me a screenshot of when I told him to fuck himself in the house chat - I don't need receipts bitch I know what I said
    (He wasn't a nice person)
  18. My favorite brexit meme
  19. Went to an acquaintance's house and people talked about doing cocaine. I got paranoid