I didn't list for a couple of days while traveling home and then I just forgot, but lest you think I'd spare you the details of my vacation, here's a bunch of photos from my trip to Phuket a couple of weeks ago.
  1. View from outside our door. Not shabby for "low season".
    Side note: the traditional high season for traveling to Thailand is in he winter. Looking at the weather app before we left I thought there'd be thunderstorms every day, but most days were completely dry. Occasionally we'd get two hours of showers in the morning, when we were eating breakfast and getting ready anyway, and it was 85/29 degrees for two weeks. Last time I went in November it was really really hot, so I really didn't mind. Plus, July is cheaper anyway.
  2. A couple of times the low tide left these boats chilling on the sand but when the water was there it was cute.
  3. The entire waterfront was lined with small restaurants with the table on one side of the road and staff running back and forth across it to get things from the kitchen.
  4. Turns out I didn't take more than the one picture of my food during this 14 day time period??? Strange. I'll never be one to complain about $4 dollar food though.
  5. One of the beaches the hotel offered a shuttle service to every day
  6. The waves were not too kind and I accidentally flashed a Japanese man but at least I got thoroughly exfoliated
  7. I'm not gonna lie, I saved this straw and brought it home.
    Shortly after, a fella asked to take a photo with my sister and I, so now I'm probably on someone's weibo with my beloved straw throwing a peace sign
  8. Grandma was excited about the straw too
  9. Speed boat tour to the Phi Phi islands visiting a bunch of places and snorkeling
    If you're in the area I'd highly recommend it. We saw where they filmed part of the Beach with young Leo DiCaprio.
  10. I think this lagoon was called the Pileh Lagoon(???) but it was absolutely stunning
    I probably have about 50 of these photos #nofilter
  11. Had "fried" ice cream which I thought was made by melting ice cream and then chilling it again but they just pour liquid ice cream base onto the cold stone and mix in cookies and stuff. Regardless, love.
  12. Watched Creed on my way home and I didn't know Avon Barksdale from the wire was in it as well as Michael B. Jordan
    (I think I was gonna text this photo to my dad? Idk why I have it but it's the last vacation-related photo on my phone. Anyway, a ray of light in the bleak experience of a 10 hour plane ride to Moscow)