"Feels good. Feels organic. Thank you"
  1. Old people discovering snapchat filters
  2. When girls give you compliments out of the blue
    Especially if I don't know them well. New acquaintances complimenting your nail polish, a random person in the fitting rooms saying your outfit's cute, love 'em all! I remember these unnecessary niceties for so long afterwards.
  3. The love and camaraderie that exists between drunk girls in bathrooms
    They appear from nowhere to shower you with compliments, try to solve all your life problems, offer you their lipstick, perfume and life savings, and support you endlessly. The bonds formed are real. And then you never see them again.
  4. Making eye contact with a smiling baby on public transport
    Transcends all languages. I'm only 20 but making a baby laugh makes my womb ache.
  5. "I saw this and I thought of you"/"I picked this up for you because I thought you'd like it"
  6. When you meet a dog and it treats you like the best most important person on earth and showers you with love
    I aspire to view myself and others the way a dog would
  7. Sharing a joke with another person and not being able to look at each other in the fear of bursting out into laughter again
    Both the sense of connection and the feeling of joy
  8. The feeling of making other people laugh
    Okay fine, maybe I just like validation.
  9. Dwayne the Rock Johnson's Instagram feed
    I know we talk a lot about Carly Rae Jepsen's social media being a happy place, but Dwayne Johnson's Instagram is such a positive space and most likely the purest thing in the world #FindYourAnchor