A.k.a how to cope with life, a.k.a how to aspire towards being a functioning human being.
  1. Fresh air and nature
    If I don't go outside for at least a little bit daily I feel horrible. I need the movement and the oxygen and the peace and quiet.
  2. Healthy food
    It's so much easier to eat cookies but I'll just feel physically ill and I don't need that. Healthy foods make me feel like I'm doing my best to take care of myself.
  3. Solitude
    Sometimes. This one is hard because if I'm alone too much I spiral and feel horrible. But I need time to think and breathe by myself, and to just let it all out without having to think about keeping up appearances to others. Clearing my mind is essential.
  4. Human contact
    As said, the balance is hard. But I need to feel validated and loved.
  5. Sobriety
    I realize this in theory but when you're anxious and prone to intense self-loathing it's hard to put it into practice and still socialize and make friends.
  6. To be clean and put together
    Otherwise I just feel disgusting and it doesn't help. Idk why nice nails and a clean face makes such a difference but it does.
  7. A routine
    I don't like summer. I do like the weather and doing activities or w/e but the vast amount of free time scares me. It's easier to be caught up with your problems (real or imaginary) when you have nothing else occupying your mind and body. I need a schedule to not get overwhelmed.
  8. Exercise
    Partly because I like taking my mind off everything, and it's great for stress relief. But also (and I know this isn't good, but it's real) I will feel 10000x worse if I notice I've gained even an ounce of weight.
  9. To have a purpose
    However shitty I may feel one night or week or month, I'm working toward something. Next week will be better, or next month or year. I'm bettering myself, and it will work out.