I'm *jean-ralphio voice* the wooooorst🎶
  1. Taken my shirt off in the bathroom and wiped the sweat off my underboobs
    It's really sunny and I was carrying stuff. I'm sweaty.
  2. Unpacked all of my stuff onto a table only to realize the charger wasn't working, so I moved to another table
  3. Eaten a sandwoch
  4. Watched a YouTube video
  5. Eaten a bag of chips
  6. Listened to the wicked soundtrack
  7. Eaten a twix bar
  8. Collected a fan and two bags of stuff from my friend for storage
  9. Contemplated if I want domino's tonight
    But they only deliver until 11.30 and at this rate I need to be here (where I'm not allowed hot food) for a long time
  10. Caught up with my li.st feed
  11. Contemplated the pointlessness of life and why this exam exists in the first place
  12. Considered heading for the border in order to escape
  13. Realized there is no border and I'd have to fly to Ireland
  14. Decided listening to all that U2 would not be worth it and I should probably study instead
  15. Stared longingly at my bag of pretzels and wondered if maybe I need even more energy before I start
  16. Decided that no one cares about E. H Carr anway
  17. Succumbed to self-hatred
    Study you fucking jackass