Or in many cases, I've heard them in a whole different context. What your Lonely Planet guidebook never told you about.
  1. Chunder
    Meaning throw up. I particularly love "tactical chunder", aka when you intentionally make yourself sick pre- or post-night out to avoid an incident
  2. Sket
    I was expecting slag but this one was new to me. Slut.
  3. Batty
    This is technically Caribbean (Jamaican?) in origin but the first time I heard it was here. Meaning ass. Hence, a batty boy is a gay man (note: I don't use that one)
  4. Roadman
    Look for the guy dressed like this blasting grime out of his Volkswagen Golf
  5. Long
    As in a lot of effort/boring. That's long fam. (I feel lame even typing that out)
  6. Bare
    Many/very. Combine the above when the task at hand isn't just long, it's bare long.
  7. Paralytic
    When you're so drunk you can't walk - you're basically paralyzed
  8. Well
    Used to mean "really". E.g. "I'm well tired" "she's well fit" (fit meaning hot not 💪🏻)
  9. Pull
    Successfully getting with someone on a night out.
  10. Buff/Peng
    I really don't think peng is as common nowadays but I certainly haven't heard these outside the UK. Synonym for fit, for women.
  11. Clapped
    This one I'm uncertain about - it might be used in the US too but I don't think I heard it before I moved here. Ugly. "That girl is clapped". See "butters"
  12. Wasteman
    P much self-explanatory
  13. Pikey
    Adjective for behaviors or attributes that are trashy or chavy, or a name for someone who exhibits them. (I've been informed this word originated as a derogatory term for Irish travelers/Romani people, so... Avoid)
  14. Lad
    This one I'd heard but I was half hoping lad culture was exaggerated on fb meme pages. It's not. The lad might play rugby, is kind of gross but it's hard to tell when he's joking, and has definitely gone on a "lads' holiday" to Magaluf where he got a shit tattoo and still brags about how many girls him and his mate Paul brought back every night.