Inspired by @jessicaz and others
  1. Washington
    my 8th grade camping trip was here. we were supposed to go to Yosemite, but it was on FIRE. we canoed and it rained the whole time and the food was weird.
  2. Oregon
    my grandparents have a cabin here. we go there in the summers sometimes cuz once we went in the winter and there was literally nothing to do and no reception. it's a good place for instagram pictures.
  3. California
    my home! i was born here, and i've lived in the same house forever. basically every awesome memory i've had was here.
  4. Nevada
    my grandpa got married in Vegas. it was very weird for an 8-year-old.
  5. Arizona
    my grandma lives here. everything in her house is oily and gross-feeling.
  6. New Mexico
    i went to a wedding here. it was all outside and the reception was in a barn. it was great.
  7. Texas
    my grandparents and cousins and everyone lives here. every thanksgiving we have a "texas snowball fight" where we throw marshmallows at each other. not a big fan of everything else in texas tho, everyone's all conservative
  8. Illinois
    my parents grew up here so once my mom and i took a road trip to see all her old friends and we went to a reunion of the place she used to work. there was rain in 90 degree weather. i loved it.
  9. Wisconsin
    once we drove through wisconsin to get to michigan. all i remember is watching harry potter on a dvd player the whole time.
  10. Michigan
    my grandma used to live here and once there was this giant cliff in her backyard and we were climbing it and then she freaked out and had it like filled in cuz she thought it was too dangerous it was so sad
  11. Kentucky
    i went to a wedding here. i spent like an hour trying to get a cool picture on the bridge in cincinatti.
  12. Florida
    i went to disney world this year! it was amazing. i hit my head on the bottom of a pool and had a giant bruise that people kept asking me about but it was still supah fun
  13. New York
    i have no memories from new york. i went there when i was 1 and i just put it on this list cuz i felt like i had to.