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Still recovering from a great night in New York
  1. We saw Christopher Jackson on the way in. He plays the most incredible Washington and I was super-excited.
  2. Inside Edition was there doing a story about how excited the fans are. It was boring and they made their interviewees repeat their excitement at least 5 times. So, you know, very authentic.
  3. If you're too cool for Inside Edition, why did you take a picture of them? Oh, that picture was actually of...
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Grown up stuff that I rolled my eyes at before I took a look at my 35+ self
  1. Separating colors when doing laundry. I legitimately thought this was some kind of scam designed to waste my precious time. Now I spend the 30 seconds and my whites are whiter and my laundry is satisfying in a way Marie Kondo would approve of
  2. Makeup in the car. I am the cliche mother who can take care of everyone but herself. I get halfway to work before I realize that I have yesterday's mascara where concealer should be. Thank goodness for those visor mirrors.
  3. Ladies night. "Why would we not invite our boyfriends?", wondered 25 year old me.
  4. Boots. They actually keep your feet and ankles much warmer. I blame this bit of ignorance on growing up in California.
  1. Santa
  2. Donner
  3. All elves
  4. Everyone else
    Why is this movie supposed to be good?
  1. Immediately start vomiting after eating 4 lbs of chocolate chips (aka dog poison)
    If she had waited until we got back, she could have died
  2. Stop after consuming only half the bag of uncooked quinoa
  3. Poop in the path she runs on every day
    For maximum track-into-the-housiness
  4. That is all
    I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings