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  1. Lou reading feminist zines
  2. The screen grab of the wimpy top chef contestant who cried over an orange squirting into his eye
  3. Mabel asleep on my dad at my sister's wedding reception
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  1. Taking all 3 kids to the grocery store before dinner by myself
  2. Eating this cookie that came from Jimmy John's with the package open
  3. Waiting a week for the next episode of Fargo
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Choosing to find the humor in an otherwise tearful morning in the Kastner house.
  1. the slice of banana bread got smaller every time she bit into it
  2. she didn't get a shot at Louise's 4 month doc appointment
  3. I won't give her "all the yogurt"
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  1. Hunger makes me a modern girl - Carrie Brownstein
  2. Arcadia - Lauren Groff
  3. Traveling Mercies - Anne Lamott
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The admiration and appreciation of this guy is real
  1. be kind, pay attention, err on the side of generosity
  2. Again, that same lesson: good teaching is grounded in generosity of spirit
  3. It makes me think of the Flaubert quote, “live like a bourgeoisie and think like a demigod.” At the time, I am not sure what a bourgeoisie is, exactly, or a demigod, but I understand this to mean: “live like a normal person, write like a maniac.”
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  1. Diaper change/tea party
  2. Feeding dogs/breastfeeding/practicing spelling words
  3. Sending emails/packing diaper bag/negotiating leaving giant stuffed Minnie Mouse in the house as we leave
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