As the season comes to an end, I have to reflect on the main lessons I am taught throughout the season
  1. Always be early
    If the coach says practice is at 3, and you show up at 3, you're late.
  2. Stop complaining
    This will only get you more sister sprints, or if you're in a game, a green card. Thanks ref. (But in all seriousness she WAS hitting the ball into her body)
  3. Washing clothes is good
    Nothing is worse than opening the locker and being hit with the smell of the dried sweat from the inside of the shin guards and the putrid stench of feet from your cleats
  4. We'll never get as big of a crowd as football does
    Unless, of course, there are backflips every time the whistle is blown and money is raining from the sky
  5. Get things done ahead of time
    That annotated bibliography due next week sounds like a piece of cake, but not when you have practice every day, three games, and two team dinners
  6. That tan line won't fade
    Just embrace it.
  7. Toughen up
    I used to cry at the drop of the hat. Now, a ball to the gut is exciting because it's a free hit for my team.
  8. You can become friends with anyone
    Any girl on the team I thought I may not get along with, would usually be the first to come up to me and say something I could relate to. These friendships you make on the team are worth so much.