Alcohol I've Ruined for Myself

  1. Crystal Palace
    But okay who can drink this stuff? Freshman year of college I had an unfortunate run in with a water bottle full of crystal palace (dyed pink), of which I drank too much and then spent the night and most of the next day puking. Never again.
  2. Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon
    I didn't realize how strong it was and drank a lot very fast. I ended up puking behind a house that night. Any Cabernet Sauvignon pretty much makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I've avoided black box specifically ever since.
  3. Gin
    I puked and rallied that night, but never got the taste for gin back. Too bad because I remember thinking gin and tonic was delicious.
  4. Fireball
    I got really excited that it tasted good and I could take shots of it without wanting to die. Until I over did it. Obviously. Cautiously drinking again, but not taking shots.
  5. Rum and coke
    I honestly can't remember a specific night where I overdid it with rum and coke but it used to be my go to drink and now I can't stand it. I have a vague memory of drinking it with a straw and coming to the bottom which hadn't been mixed and taking in a swig of unexpected straight rum, but that's all I've got.
  6. Please save me from myself.