Reasons why I love Anne Boleyn

  1. She is played by Natalie Dormer in the Tudors
    It kills me how lovely and ba she is.
  2. She was a great strategist
    The king had so many mistresses before her, even one that bore him a son, but she managed to carry on a seven year relationship with him and then become the f-ing QUEEN that she was.
  3. Can we talk about how to marry her King Henry CREATED THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND?
    Like this dude left the Catholic Church, and he had been a biiiiiig supporter. He was super against Lutherans and was a "defender of the faith" and Anne comes along and convinces him to convert to her beliefs so he can marry her like whoa.
  4. Let's not forget Elizabeth , her daughter
    She birthed freaking Queen Elizabeth I. Like damn.
  5. My bitch