Some thoughts about America on the 4th.

It's the day of American independence, here are some thoughts I have about America amid the red, white and blue of the day.
  1. Apple pie & hot dogs
    Not originally American, but that's kind of the point. Unless you're a Native American you have immigrant origins (which is what makes today's immigration questions even more bizarre, immigrants telling other immigrants they don't belong). But anyways, I'm here for apple pie, hot dogs and immigrants.
  2. Patriotism
    Honestly makes me very uncomfortable. I associate extremely patriotic people with close mindedness and scary/ugly political and social views. I think the closest I come to patriotism is supporting the US in the olympics and loving the state I'm from (Michigan).
  3. Iowa
    I forget about Iowa a lot, like does anyone actually live in Iowa?
  4. Living on stolen land
    You can't live anywhere in the US without living somewhere once inhabited by probably several Native peoples. The land was stolen, or traded for nothing, or the people were decimated by disease and warfare.
  5. Tax evasion
    The revolutionary war was basically being fought on behalf of a bunch of people who didn't want to pay their taxes. They were already paying less than people in Britain and the taxes were to pay for the war the British just fought for colonists (the French and Indian war, also see above re: stolen land.)
  6. Democratic government
    It was also fought for an ideal of a democratic government, which I admit means a lot of things today that it didn't then (think universal suffrage) but I still have a pretty deep respect for the democratic principles (if not execution) of the US.
  7. Superman ice cream
    I guess this is more of a Michigan thing than an American thing, but it's red, white, and blue so pretty patriotic in my opinion.
  8. American history
    Like any superpower's history, problematic. But also deeply hilarious. But also deeply sobering. I think not enough people know our history, and even less understand it. (ex. Modern day republicans claiming Abraham Lincoln...)