What I'm Listening To

I'm known to listen to songs I'm into on repeat so it's safe to say I've listened to all of these songs an ungodly amount of times.
  1. Michigan and Again
    This band is from my home state and the song is about my home state! I actually saw this band play at a local bar in Ann Arbor. Everything about this song is perfection. The harmony, the guitar, the lyrics. It's the whimsical song with real substance that I've probably needed my whole life.
  2. I Wish I Was
    I listened to this song for probably two hours straight last week... I have no shame. I feel like the subject is just so relatable, you know that person you're just not right for?
  3. 80's Mercedes
    Can you tell Maren Morris is my new obsession? I'm into any song that references being born in the 90s (I Love It, anyone?) so every time the chorus plays I scream sing along, "I'm a 90s baaaaby in my 80s Merceeeedes!"
  4. Pop Style
    I feel like I've joined the Drake bandwagon kind of late, but better late than never right?
  5. Famous
    Um not into the music video??? 🙅🏻 But damn, this song is so good.
  6. Work from Home
    Okay stay with me here, but I just want to say something about the part where the song threatens to send nudes to this guy until he gets fired really speaks to me.
  7. Roll Up
    If you can listen to this song without dancing then I commend you.
  8. Daddy Lessons
    This song is just so good I don't even know how to express my feelings for it in a meaningful way??? The instrumentals are what really kill me though.
  9. Helpless
    😬😬😬 (I'm secretly a big fan of musicals and love listening to soundtracks, last week I cleaned my house and listened to the Thoroughly Modern Millie Soundtrack the whole way through.)