1. Apple Store said there was a 3 hour wait but I wormed my way in and suddenly there was a man available mwahaha
  2. The parking meter where I parked was broken so it said free parking
  3. Was heading to my car and saw a stylin girl walking
  4. Thought to myself that girl is stylin
  5. Turns out I knew the girl
  6. Turns out that girl was one of my very best friends
    Named maya!!!
  7. So then maya and I went shoe shopping together
  8. As Maya and I were checking out this man entered the store who was the music director for the Legends event where Addy Paula and I sang fiddler on the roof
  9. Honest to god this is the last man I would expect to meet at a shoe store. Apparently he was making a return. Funny stuff.
  10. Went to chat with Pryor and while leaving started feeling bad about never completing lab
  11. Lo and behold. Jhart is waiting outside Pryor's door
  12. Jhart said don't bother about the lab
  13. 😎
    Is how I felt when he said that
  14. Thought about how excited I am to see Emily and Maddie so made a list about Emily since she also has this app. When I finished it I had a notification from Emily requesting practically the same list.
  15. Serendipity!