Things I miss abt Emily

Thx Emily for the follow. Here is why I am psyched to see you in 3 hours 18 mins
  1. Need a hot dog lover in my life
  2. Fine, but you owe me.
  3. My hair is confused without its role model
  4. Hands down we take the best selfies
  5. Example
  6. Another example
  7. Also
  8. Tired Emily
    Even tired Emily I miss. That's when you know.
  9. My bed is waiting for you
    Wait no not like that. I mean the pullout for you and mad. You knew what I meant. It's lonely.
  10. I watch 30 Rock and you fall asleep
  11. I do other things and you fall asleep
  12. When you take my fucking phone and go through my pics. It's like, just ask first. And I would've said yes. But now you didn't and I'm mad.
    Just kidding. I don't miss that.
  13. You driving me everywehre
    Yesterday I scraped a yellow post and now my car is yellow. True story. I'm sick of this shit