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  1. Selfies
  2. Screaming
  3. More selfies
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  1. They carry you everywhere you need and deserve to be
  2. They are thought spaceships
  3. They are so beautiful all the time
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  1. Men who want to talk shit about my lipstick shade
  1. Sufjan Stevens
  2. Any shoegaze band
    But mostly slowdive
  3. Copeland
    I'm emo as hell get away from me
  4. Any band you listened to with your dad while taking long drives
  1. So You Think You Have a Yeast Infection
  2. What is This Sore and What Does He Do
  3. Ingrown Hair or STI???
  4. Not Pregnant, Just Hungry
  1. It is hard to eat sometimes and that's ok, just keep trying
  2. You can eat in bed and that is so beautiful
  3. Apples are a good snack to carry with you & to remind you that you deserve good things like a honeycrisp apple
  4. Food is for your body, which is always amazing because it carries you.
  1. Full disclosure, our cat may die tonight. See you later.
  2. You don't LOOK goth
  1. Finding my no-show socks exactly when I need them
  2. New black tights
  3. Cutting open the perfect avocado
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  1. Frank Ocean won't put out his new album
  2. I had a twin with me in the womb but I ate it
  1. I saw you looking at me from a distance and your smile was concerning
  2. I thought you were holding a dog
  3. I thought you were a dog
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