I work for an independent bookstore that shall remain nameless, for now. Here are some things that happen there.
  1. A little girl came into the shop with her parents, took one look at me behind the counter, and yelled, "What's that on your hair?!"
    (I have blue hair.)
  2. A 13 year old boy opened the door, yelled, "YUCGHK! BOOKS!", pretended to vomit, then ran away.
    Can you tell today was the first day of spring break?
  3. Another little girl showed me her new stuffed hedgehog and asked me to give him a hug.
    I did so. His name was Hedgy II. She said Hedgy I lives at her school.
  4. One of our regulars, an older gentlemen, asked me if I regretted dyeing my hair.
    It's only been blue for a week and absolutely no one is coping well. Except me. I'm fine.
  5. Another customer asked where he could purchase the easels we use to display books on the shelves. No books, just easels.
    To which I spluttered, "on....online?" I honestly had no idea. Later, my coworker told me that they're actually super expensive. Weird.
  6. I'm working a lot in April, so hopefully I'll have some more anecdotes soon!
  7. (Here's what I look like, for hair references)