The phrase "bucket list" squicks me out a bit, but I guess that's what this is.
  1. Be on a roller derby team.
    I can't skate, y'all. I'm a weak-ass human with no penchant for athletics, horribly uncoordinated and generally fearful. But roller derby seems so badass and empowering. I hope I'd prove something to myself.
  2. Get published somewhere Big.
    I dunno, it's the egotistical part of me that would like to see my name in the NYT or something.
  3. Act in a musical.
    I auditioned for a musical and a play this year and it was terrifying and I didn't get in and I swore to never put myself out there ever again but I'm going to have to if I want to be in a musical.
  4. Run in a Race of some kind.
    As stated previously, I'm as far from athletic as you can get. I'm the level below sedentary. I'm basically a human sloth. I've noticed a lot of my friends have started working out more and running 10ks and 5ks and half marathons and while marathons, which is bizarre and amazing and intimidating. I kind of want to run one. Probably a 5k. A little guy.
  5. Plan a kickass surprise for someone.
    Probably my mom. Or my boyfriend. Like, send my mom to Disney World (her favorite place) or surprise my boyfriend with a visit from his best friend from summer camp. That kind of thing.
  6. Get in the habit of drinking water.
    I am perpetually dehydrated and have tried to trick myself in drinking water in several ways and nothing's stuck, but I'd like to be one of those nerds who carries a water bottle everywhere and actually drinks it.
  7. Go somewhere.
    Iceland, or somewhere else in Europe. Somewhere else, too. Anywhere.
  8. Learn about my ancestry.
    I'm part Jewish and my last name is nonsensical and gives no clue as to where I'm from. I'd like to learn more about my roots.
  9. Visit the Stonewall Inn.