Mom's on spring break, so went to one of our favorite small towns in PA for a day of THRIFT SHOPPING! Mom & I have thrifted together since I could walk, but with our chaotic schedules it's hard to find time to spend together. Today was great. Here's some of what I found:
  1. A super hipster Tony Hawk t-shirt
    I am not a professional photographer so pardon any terrible photos.
  2. Yellow striped tank top with a slightly bedazzled neckline
  3. A Cheerwine t-shirt so epic, I couldn't let it languish on the racks any longer.
    Isn't it incredible?
  4. Two pairs of shorts in varying shades of grey-brown that I actually feel good in?!
  5. Abstract. Floral. Elastic. Bikeshorts.
    Pardon the catbutt in the corner.
  6. Black muscle tee that shows off my tattoo. 💯
  7. Multicolored scarf that will match everything.
    I'm taking it on my trip to Seattle as my Only Accessory.
  8. Plain white crewneck t.
    I use to wear white tees all the time but they got gross and faded and I never bothered to replace them. They're great for the summer, so I'm trying to remedy that.
  9. A Glory Doughnuts t-shirt.
    OK, this was a weird find. Glory Doughnuts is a vegan artisanal doughnut shop in my hometown and they don't manufacture that many t-shirts, so I'm assuming someone moved or got fired and donated their shirt here? Really weird, but now I have two Glory D shirts! Might give this one to a friend.
  10. A longish turquoise and white striped tunic thing.
    It's weird but it'll look good with my endless pairs of black skinny jeans.
  11. A slew of books and CDs, including albums by Letters to Cleo and the soundtrack to Reality Bites.
    And one very important movie.
  12. We made one last stop at CVS, and I bought some things I haven't bought in LITERAL YEARS.
    These include: mascara, blush, blush brush, and a shower cap. #justfemmethings
  13. AND FINALLY, I was a good partner and got some stuff for Kevin.
    He loves comedy stuff!
  14. Oh, and one more thing...
    A dress for this Saturday's Retro Prom! It is 80s show choir/ice skater incarnate. I cannot capture it on a hanger. It needs to be in motion.
  15. So that's my haul! Thanks to the ballin' thrift stores of Hanover, PA; Reader's Cafe and the Goodwill of Westminster, MD for being awesome.
  16. And thanks, Mom, for driving me everywhere and for being the best shopping buddy ever. 👯