Watching the L Word Season Two

I'm on season two, episode 5 of The L Word. I'd seen a few episodes of season one years ago, but it this is the first time I've dedicated to watching the entire show start to finish. Here are my favorite things from season 2/the whole show/etc.
  1. Jenny's short hair & her rooming with Shane.
    I know they date at some point in the show and that'll probably suck but I like them hanging out and eating bagels and shutting down fuckbois.
  2. The Planet.
    I want a cool queer cafe where I can hang out all the time!
  3. Shane's hair and very cute glasses.
    Enough said.
  4. Alice.
    My bisexual Patronus. She's a journalist with a penchant for gossip, a.k.a. me.
  5. This gif.