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  1. Spending an hour looking at Netflix's offerings
  2. Adding tons of miniseries and dramas to my queue
  3. Watching Bob's Burgers instead
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  1. Smoke and Mirrors
    It was the only cd in the car ALL SUMMER and I loved it
  2. Drag Me Down
    Since Liam dropped it on me in the middle of the night, I could have been asleep, rude 💖
  3. Sprawl
    When Arcade Fire and I are feeling really melodramatic about bein in da 'burbs
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Or, problems with having a bedroom next to the shower
  1. Hotline Bling
  2. Sorry
  3. Unidentifiable weird country music
  4. All American Rejects from like 2004 or something?
In chronological order
  1. What Makes You Beautiful
    For being the kind of watchable that makes you learn all the words in one night of repeat viewings; For the light through the ponytail shot
  2. Kiss You
    Just fun
  3. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
    For having a ridiculous premise and cameo
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