I've been listening to podcasts for about 10 years now. It seems that they've really only recently become a thing, but, still a somewhat nerdy thing to be into. Not like, mainstream nerdy, like superhero movies, though. Anyway, I have the kind of job that allows me/forces me to occupy my mind with podcasts and music. So I do a lot of listening!
  1. This American Life
    My all-time favorite, always and forever. I've been listening to this one the longest! Probably 8 or 9 years. Introduced me to David Sedaris, who is one of my favorite writers. Has made me think about things differently. Often makes me cry. Incredibly entertaining. And Ira Glass is bae.
  2. Savage Lovecast
    This is Dan Savage's sex and love advice podcast. Dan Savage is a Seattle columnist, author, and founded the It Gets Better project with his husband. I love Dan Savage. This podcast inspired me to get out of an abusive relationship six months ago, and continues to help me navigate sex and relationships. It's also highly entertaining, and Dan's political rants are 👌.
  3. The Last Podcast on the Left
    This is a newish podcast for me. I've probably been listening for only a month or two, but I've gone back and listened to a bunch of their big episodes. The hosts cover serial killers, conspiracy theories, supernatural claims, and other various dark events and concepts... But they do it in a very tongue-in-cheek way. It's well-researched and informative, but it's also often quite irreverent.
  4. NPR Politics
    I have listened to pretty much every podcast NPR's put out, but this might be my favorite. It's new, but I have been following it from the beginning (I think it might have started last October or November). Really really really good coverage of the current U.S. presidential election, but also other current events. The reporters are wonderfully charismatic and diverse, too.
  5. Another Round
    This is a Buzzfeed podcast hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics, but puts a lot of focus on race and gender equality. It's been incredibly eye-opening and heart-opening for me. The hosts are sincere and also very funny, amazing (but often unconventional) interviewers, and thoughtful people. The intended audience is people of color, but I think that everyone would benefit from listening to it.
  6. Beyond Belief
    A BBC Radio program that explores different themes pertaining to religion. The host invites three guests, clergy people, or professors of particular religious studies fields, and they all discuss these themes. Sometimes they're specific to certain religions (like, the theme will be "Hadith" or "Christianity and gender identity"), but I think more often they're broad (like, the theme will be "Compassion" or "Interfaith marriage"). It's simply fascinating to me. I love religious studies.
  7. Hidden Brain
    Another amazing NPR podcast. Hosted by Shankar Vedantum, and covering various social science topics. This one is kind of similar to This American Life, in that it tells very human stories and sometimes makes me cry. It's a bit more science-y rather than just storytelling-y, though. A lot of interesting studies are also discussed. I end up bringing up things I heard on Hidden Brain in conversation, often.
  8. The Tim Ferriss Show
    Tim Ferriss is the guy who wrote the 4-Hour Work Week (and 4-Hour Body, plus a few other 4-Hour something or others, I think). He's into self-improvement and interviews what he calls "world class performers" (athletes, writers, musicians, actors, all kinds of amazing people, really) and asks them about their habits. I've bought so many books that have been recommended on this podcast. And I've felt sincerely guilty for not learning to meditate, because everyone he has on seems to meditate.
  9. Psychobabble
    Hosted by YouTube's Tyler Oakley and his BFF Korey Kuhl... This podcast is really silly and fun, but completely nonsense. I love it, because I enjoy their humor, but I don't think it's for everyone. It's just incredibly silly.