1. You helped me realize that I could leave the situation I had felt trapped in for so long.
  2. You were the best first kiss I ever had. It woke me up.
  3. My first time being drunk was with you.
  4. You brought me pizza and kissed me while I cried.
  5. You came over with blankets and slept on the floor with me when the furniture was taken.
  6. We talked about going to America together. And you told your brothers about me.
  7. You teased me in a way no one but my family has. You felt like my family.
  8. You were my first Muslim friend.
  9. We talked about September 11th a lot. Even after sex sometimes.
  10. You joked that I would fall in love with you when I stared into your eyes. It was true. You had the most intense eyes.
  11. You helped me find a place to live. And you helped me move.
  12. We grew apart after these short few months. That's the long and short of it, anyway. And I looked for you in everyone else I met after, but no one was like you.
  13. You called me and told me you were going home. You called to say goodbye. I will never see you again. There's no time to meet up before you go.
  14. You wished me the best. Said you're glad we met. Told me I was a lovely girl. Advised me to read the Quran.
  15. I said goodbye.