First visit calls for tourismfest
  1. The Breakfast Club - arrival brunch/lunch
    Are we sure we're not still in NYC?
  2. The London Edition Hotel for fancy rubbernecking. Worth returning for a drink and/or dinner
    Seriously good people watching
  3. National Portrait Gallery but no Kate unfortunately
  4. Dr. Faustus with Kit Harington, which was...weirdsies
    This adaptation included every type of bodily fluid, Obama dying and Kit Harington spending the last 30 mins of the show in wet, fake blood soaked underwear
  5. Breakfast at Tap, a really cute coffee shop in soho-ish
    Perfect way to start the day!
  6. A touristy free tour of Royal London which was informational and got a lot of sightseeing out of the way
    Here's us in front of our Airbnb jk jk
  7. Delicious lunch at Ivy Market Grill
    Right in Covent Garden and so fresh
  8. Another touristy but less so tour of the old city of London
    Bonus: we saw a building that used its interior as Gringott's in Harry Potter
  9. Dinner in Chelsea at Bluebird. Everything was amazing
    Nuff said
  10. Tower of London including the Beefeater tour. Lots of gory history
    And also literally 👑. Bonus: my initials are ER
  11. Walked across Tower Bridge and along the Thames, saw a replica of an old ship, walked through Borough Market and got a nut praline filled donut at Bread Ahead after lunch at Fish! Where of course we got fish and chips
    The exclamation point is part of the restaurant name, it wasn't that exciting.
  12. Saw the Tate for a hot second
    Mostly we used their free wifi and saw a couple Mondrians
  13. Walked by the Globe theater
    👋🏼 Shakespeare
  14. Walked across Millennium Bridge which I can only think about in context of the 6th Harry Potter movie
  15. Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick theater with Lily James and Richard Madden
  16. Churchill's war bunker
    Amazingly preserved
  17. Tea at Harrod's
    Touristy perfection
  18. Saw Elizabeth James's house from Parent Trap
    Woozy, eh?
  19. Select exhibits at the Victoria and Albert Museum
    They had an unreal jewelry exhibit
  20. Ate at a New York level pizza place called Homeslice
    This was their sign. Perfection
  21. Went to Kings Cross and got angry about the line to take a picture with the cart at platform 9 3/4 so I just took a picture of it when the annoying guy who worked there was giving the people waiting a spiel
  22. Went to Notting Hill and walked around but Portobello Market was closed due to a Bank Holiday
  23. Ate at a cool hole in the wall restaurant in Notting Hill
  24. Shopped a teeny bit at the flagship Topshop and took a peek inside Cambridge Satchel Company in Covent Garden
  25. Ate dinner at sketch
    Endless instagramability. Oh and the food was good.
  26. Went to the British Library
  27. Went to the British Museum
  28. Ate a last lunch at The London Edition hotel and it was amazing
  29. Flew home ☹️
    Here's me trying to re-create Stonehenge on my iPad. In chocolate.
  30. Missed London a lot (ongoing)