😈 / 😇 on repeat
  1. snooze one more time / actually look good for work OR work out
  2. take the bus outside of my apartment across town to the train and add 10 minutes to my commute / walk to the nearest train like a non-sloth
  3. iced tea with breakfast* / avoid caffeine addiction
    *I don't like coffee and I like iced tea so much I would take it in IV form
  4. cereal with whole milk please / maybe balance protein carbs and fat like someone who knows they should
  5. sign onto gchat / be productive all day
  6. go into boss's office when she comes in / if we don't speak I can continue to work uninterrupted
  7. get lunch when hungry* / postpone lunch so the second half of the day is shorter
    *always hungry
  8. I want fries and bread / salad you lard
  9. go outside and enjoy sunlight and non-desk sanity, spend 10-20 dollars / save time and run to the cafeteria, spend <10 dollars
  10. I need candy / don't get diabetes
  11. It's 4:30 the day is basically over I can stop working and gchat / shut up and be productive until 6 so you don't feel guilty and maybe finish your to-do list
  12. go home and have a full night / work out
  13. I'm tired, throw clothes on the floor / take the extra 5 seconds and put your outfit away
  14. get in bed before you plan to fall asleep / brush teeth, wash face so if you fall asleep on accident* you're not disgusting
    *you will
  15. 1 more episode? (or 3) / get 7+ hours of sleep!!!!
  16. repeat.