1. Switching from fancy clothes to PJs at the end of the night
  2. The Game of Thrones theme song for the first time in a new season
  3. Walking from winter outside into heat
  4. Getting home with groceries and dropping the bags on the floor
  5. Walking after a half marathon finish line
  6. Stepping out of a much needed shower
  7. Finally falling asleep when exhausted
    Especially the night before a no alarm morning
  8. First warm day of the year on bare legs
  9. Taking off high heels
  10. Shavasanah
  11. Bra off
  12. Harry Potter weekend on Freeform
  13. The silence of the suburbs at night
  14. Iced tea with free refills
  15. SVU marathon
  16. Not having to go outside on bad weather days
  17. Crossing an item off the to do list
    Better: finishing to do list
  18. When your favorite meal is put in front of you
  19. A dog laying down in your lap
  20. Inbox 0
  21. Credit card balance 0
  22. First sleep on clean sheets
  23. Not having to go outside when the weather is bad
  24. When the jeans button