1. She should probably get fitted for contacts.
  2. Why does she still have glasses?
  3. It seems unwise to throw your classes down while taking flight from a roof.
  4. How did she retrieve her glasses?
    And how are they not broken?
  5. Does her boss really not put two and two together that she is Supergirl because she's wearing glasses at work?
  6. Why does she always wear her hair up to work and down to save the world?
    It would definitely be at least partly singed off by now.
  7. The cape seems unnecessary.
  8. Yeah, you fight to be called Superwoman!
    But it's realistic that you did not win this fight.
  9. So being super now makes you less romantically likeable to the guy you friendzoned?
  10. Perd Hapley!!!!!!!